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The Story of Room of Health

Why does it exist?

Room of Health came about out of a true desire to help.

I've been through many significant life events and family members dealing with major illness.  Along this journey of seeking healing and wellness, i discovered the importance of finding your own way and that the road to your wellness is always a combination.  Along my life journey of learning and discovery, i have tried many, many alternative and wellness  therapies, some that have helped me to get from here to there and then it would lead me down a new path.

I found its like pulling a thread and it all slowly unravels and you just have to trust and keep trying, until you find what works for you.  Find your relief, your answer.

We are all so individual and have different wounds to heal.


Along my journey i fell in love with the freedom i had, to look after me and i started going to sessions for infrared Saunas to lessen my toxic load and to gain back my energy, i started to see there was so many things “i” could do to support my body to function better and feel better.  The more i added in and started doing regularly, the more i improved.  I was hooked, i started to invest in my own equipment and my business was born.  I truly wanted to make a difference and being able to share this with others was so very important to me, especially being able to share it with my family.


Over the past 7 years i have continued to grow and expand and that i guess is how Robe retreats came about, as i had all this wonderful supportive equipment and i needed a way that clients could also benefit from them and booking a single session for everything, just was too hard, so creating a place to go to and be able to do what you need, when you chose was the key.

You choose how, you help you.

I could see how it all could seem overwhelming so i wrote a basic program for guests staying at the retreat to follow along to if they chose.  Or you have the freedom to just use what you wanted to use. In combination with a great seaside accommodation in Robe, its a recipe for relaxation, reconnecting and resetting.

Room of Health

South end studio

This came about because i loved the amazing benefits i would get from a local bowen therapist, i decided to study to get my Diploma in Smart Bowen therapy and found i had an intuitive nak, for working with the body and its energy.

I really love working with my amazing clients who i feel truly privileged to support and connect with.  Seeing them find their relief and be able to feel better in themselves is very rewarding.  I am continually learning new things, I love finding therapies or holistic wellness equipment that actually works.  Lately i’ve been down the path of learning about the Lymphatic system and how important it is to our immunity and the very close connection it has with the emotional body.  Lymphatic support, Bowen therapy and PEMF are like a recipe for wellness.

Room of Health Hero Image
Kirby Chambers

About Kirby Chambers

I'm a mum to 3 kids, 16, 13 and 5 and they really keep me on my toes. They are busy, messy, full-on and loud but really I couldn't picture it any other way.  We are a family that puts family as our number 1 value and our whole extended family are all close.  We live in Southend SA and are lucky enough to live close by to each other, so cousins are always in the mix. 


A few years back about mid 2018 my husband was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour.  It was a huge shock and a very difficult time for everyone.  He sadly passed away, after a few short months, in Dec 2018, I still have times of utter disbelief that he's actually gone. 


When he passed away my youngest was only 15 months old.  From his passing I learnt a lot about death and that when someone passes, its really more about the people left behind than the one thats gone, we all have to pick up the pieces, somehow find a way to function without them and to deal with grief.


Grief is hard. - Big Full stop!) Its long, up and down and all over the place.  It took me nearly 3 years to be able to start coming back to feeling like i could go and approach the world again.  Working in your own business, means it all stops when you stop and my husband was the bigger earner in the family and now somehow i had to step up. And so it was a difficult time to go through, with financial pressures, the pressure to be emotionally ok and to be there for my kids too.

This was a time where i really relied heavily on the use of EFT - Emotional freedom therapy, which i worked intensively with an amazing practitioner to help me calm the extreme emotional distress i was feeling.  There was definitely times i had to be pushed to actually show up for these appointments but i did and i believe they got me through.



I’m certified as a functional medicine health coach, EFT Practitioner, Bowen and massage therapist and Lymphatic practitioner.  Im here to support and guide you, to see new possibilities and to walk beside you, while you find your transformation.

Hitting a Shit Patch

FROM ABOUT 2017-2022

Life went a bit like this - in mid 2017 my dad was diagnosed with aggressive B-cell Lymphoma and told he would need chemo therapy straight way, I was due to have a new baby in August and our family was highly stressed over this news.  About 6months passed and he was in the thick of treatments, lost his hair, most of his body weight and muscle tone, he looked a pale yellow colour and felt nausea and zero energy everyday. During this time,  our dear Nanna Judy suddenly passed away from a brain aneurysm at the start of January 2018. 


Another very significant event in my life as Nanna Judy was a major part of the Chambers family and she was always, like always there if anyone in the family needed anyone, for anything.  I once watched her hand sew a live chickens neck back together, oh and a duck that had been mauled by a dog attack, she stitched him all back together too. She was a true healer and also a pillar of strength and pushing through life obstacles.  Life would never be the same without her there.  Then 6 months later my husband was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, and weirdly enough, it was the same type of tumour as my Aunt Cheryl who had died from her tumour,  many years ago, when she was only 22years old.  So then my husband went through a major brain operation and treatment, but passed away in late 2018. He lost the use of his whole left side of his body and was in a wheel chair by the end and this affected his speech also, which was hard as he did love a good chat.  Then 8mths later Poppa Jake passed away from prostate cancer.  Then April 2020 my Nanna Grace on my mums side passed away from a combination of health issues, very hard watching her deteriorate. 2022 Pa grace passed away after being diagnosed with bowel/stomach cancer - a large tumour was blocking way for him to eat and seeing him slowly fade away to skin and bone and deal with constant extreme pain was indescribable.


Life has thrown so many curve balls and I could talk all day about all the rest that i haven't mentioned.

The stress of grief, the stress of illness and just trying to cope and keep up in this busy crazy world is a lot.  Having options and a place to go when it gets too much is important and im glad i can provide that space for people when they need it most.

Room of Health isn't just for that though, its there to support and provide options for wellness, feeling better and finding relief.  Sometimes taking time to tune-in to ourselves and pivot or redirect our thinking is what we need most.  We have the power to do this but sometimes we need support all around us to lift us up to get there.


Room of Health is going to be my legacy to the world, and I'm here to create, whatever it is meant to turn out to be as it continues to bloom into this amazing thing.

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