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The Southend Studio is my main place i do my individual client sessions.  I provide Bowen therapy, Lymphatic work and EFT sessions.

This is also where I run my 4 week program clients from and we will at times use the Robe - Wellness space for some of the sessions.  I have an electric tilt table here, which is great for easy accessibility to the bowen table.

I stock some body supportive products and tools i use regularly that i know are effective and very beneficial.

My clients also have the option to incorporate access to the - PEMF-120 machine (Pulsed Electromagentic Field therapy) and Red light therapy panel. More info on the Blog/info page.

Bowen Balance & Flow Session

$120 / 60 minute session

My signature mix of predominantly Smart Bowen therapy, Lymph stimulation points, Basic reflexology in combination with the use of Normatec compression technology.  I also will add in the mix depending on the clients needs, the use of the PEMF-120 technology.  This machine is highly supportive to the bodies energy charge and supports pain relief, reduced inflammation and refreshed energy.


My aim of a Balance and flow session is to support the body to re-align.

Your body actually does all the healing, i just help to free blocks, relieve tension and tightness and free stuck fascia, so the body can move and function at its best.  Supporting flow in the body means, supporting the lymphatic system as well. This is another reason why i like to use the compression therapy as this helps to flush the lymph.

In short the Lymphatic system is our collection or garbage system and so its important to keep clearing out the rubbish, supporting a healthy immune system.

Bowen Machine
Bowen Balance & Flow Session
Bowen Therapy

Bowen BalanceExpress

$85 / 30 minute session

This session is ideal as a follow-up session if you have been working with me on a particular issue or just want a quick tweak up.

This session includes, predominantly bowen therapy as the aim of the session is to check over the body alignment and continue supporting the flow and softening of the tenison in muscles and trigger points.

Bowen Balance Express

Lymphatic Flow Sessions

$210 / 90 minute session

What is it?

The Lymphatic sessions are gentle and very effective.  I use the “Smart Bowen technique” which is full body, you remain clothed for this- wearing loose clothing and recommend not to wear tight underwear/bra. I also work on lymphatic pump points in different areas of the body.  I also address the Gylmphatics, which is the lymph in the head, face and neck.  I teach you where and how to stimulate some of the major points.  This is a gentle but very thorough session and can support the body to shift a lot of stagnant fluid and trigger the release of emotional blocks.


Why care about your Lymphatic system?

Because the fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the body tissues. Sometimes the lymph fluid can build up and become blocked.  This impacts on the body as  a whole, including your energy levels, has effects on the immune system, pain and inflammation, even the emotional energy in the body and the list goes on.  Thats also why addressing the whole body is very important not just addressing one area.

Bowen Therapy
Lymphatic Flow Sessions
Children's Bowen Session

Kids Bowen Balance & Flow

Age approx 5-12 years
$85 / 30 minute session

Bowen balance is great for kids because in this busy life we lead its very calming and relaxing on the system.  Children generally report an improved feeling of well being, relief of tension in the body and better sleep.

Younger Kids Bowen Balance

Under 5
$55 / 15-20 minute session

The aim of the session - Promote calm, improved sleep, supports the body during rapid growth.

Kids Bowen Balance & Flow



EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique sessions

Tapping - working with the emotional energy stored in the meridian system


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