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Body + Thought Support

A focus on self care, self worth and finding relief.



Body and thought support



Red Light/NIR Light Therapy
Infrared Saunas
Gua Sha Body Scrub
Face Masks
Air Compression

Robe Retreat



Book a space for a variety of wellness options aimed at stress relief and promoting overall well-being. Our space is perfect for groups to come together and practice yoga, meditation, and other wellness activities.

Release & Rise Program


A 4 week 1:1 personalised program combining the physical + emotional work =
Shift + Change + Transformation

Work with Me
Kirby Chambers

Hey! I'm Kirby Chambers

I believe in embracing the messiness of life, digging deeper and getting some actual change!!
I believe in taking back your own power to achieve the health and happiness you are searching for. We are all so individual, that we need a plan made for us, not for all. A plan that uncovers possible causes to our dis-ease, our dis-comfort, our stuck-ness so that we can move out of our own way.

Bringing together physical body support techniques and Thought support to address pain in the body and limiting beliefs or emotional charge..... A blend of the two.

You get to choose when your story changes.....

I cant FIX you.... but I CAN support you, encourage you, show you, teach you, help redirect you, because

you fix you.


Pay it forward

I believe in supporting and uplifting women, especially when they’re going through a really tough time.

Grief and loss, sickness or recovery, I’d love to provide a service to ladies who truly need a place to go and just be.

Time out to look after themselves, write or journal, walk along our peaceful beach, and be away from life’s pressures. 

If you know someone who needs this kind of support, I’d love for you to reach out to me to see if we can help in some way. 

Pay it forward

Keep your eye out on Insta and Facebook as we do gift stays at different times throughout the year!


If you are a practitioner or business who would like to connect and use our space or work in with what we offer, please get in contact as I would love to build a network of professionals offering a community of amazing skills to our clients. 

Let's Connect, Not Compete

Contact Us
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